How To Become A More Confident Voter

Voting in this political climate can be an overwhelming task. You are likely bombarded constantly by news sources and social media posts sharing all kinds of opinions and stories about various political issues and candidates. Candidates for Congress as well as local offices will try to discredit their opponents by using all kinds of accusations. It can feel extremely difficult to find out what's actually true. However, with these tips for doing political research, you'll feel more confident in your vote. [Read More]

A Few Ways A Government Relations Consultant Can Help Your Business

You may not realize the different government rules and regulations that have some type of effect on your business. If you have in-house legal and accounting teams, you may be missing out on information that could save you money and increase your bottom line. The government is always making changes to laws on both state and federal levels. Government relations consultants can keep you in the loop of what has changed and what is about to change. [Read More]

Still Struggling With Your Underwater California Mortgage? Could Relief Be Headed Your Way?

If you purchased your California home during the most recent real estate boom, you may be struggling with a mortgage that is significantly higher than your home's value -- often deemed an "underwater mortgage." Although a number of federal and state mortgage relief programs can help make your home more affordable by modifying your interest rate or mortgage term (or even forgiving a portion of principal), there can be some very steep tax consequences associated with the decision to pursue loan modification. [Read More]

What Constitutes Good Ethics In Politics? Defining Features And How They Apply

There are two areas of ethics in politics. Both are necessary if a political candidate wants to win an election with the platform of being morally upright and just. An example of this would be Kathy Hamilton, the elected official of the DuPage Board. She has demonstrated both the ethics of process and the ethics of policy. Here is what these two areas of ethics in politics mean, their defining features and how they apply to politicians currently. [Read More]