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Reasons To Watch The Local News More Frequently

In this society, it's relatively easy to see what's going on in the world around you at any given time. With the power of the internet and all of the apps on your phone, you can read up on the latest news in any part of the world from wherever you are. But there's still plenty of good reasons to bookmark one or two local news websites or to periodically tune in for a local news TV broadcast. Here's why you might want to start incorporating more local news coverage into your daily routine.

The Most Accurate Weather Reports You Will Find

You likely have an app on your phone that will tell you the current weather anytime you like. It's also not that hard to just open the blinds and glance outside if you want to know what's going on. But when it comes to weather predictions, your local news site or broadcast likely has some advantages for figuring out what's coming down the road. Local news teams will often have multiple weather monitoring stations across the various communities that are around you. They'll also have reporters out in the field collecting real-time data. This may allow them to provide a more accurate report about what is happening or going to happen for each individual community instead of just providing the temperature for the nearest large city.

Sports From the Local Perspective

Your national news sites might cover your local sports team when they are on a big winning streak or in the playoffs. But if you want day-to-day coverage of local sports, your local sports broadcast or website is likely the best choice. Local news sites have beat reporters that cover the team every day. Being around the team all the time can give these reporters an advantage and let them break news before anyone else. Local sports programs or publications are also more likely to cover your local college or the football game at the local high school, and that's something you'll likely never get from a more nationally oriented form of media.

Even Your Small Town Might Make the News

Local news coverage will cover the big events in the nearby city, but they will also give that same quality of coverage to each community in their coverage area. If your small town's planning board is going to make some significant changes to a new project, you'll hear about it first from your local news team.

Contact a local news provider like the Gazette-Mail to learn more.